Friday, January 20, 2012

Bossk, the Underdog

Today, I visited my friend, an enthusiast of Lego, at his natural habitat, the Lego Store.
I gave him a long overdue visit after his numerous requests to visit his workplace, and it was not a regrettable decision. There was a plethora of bricks and minifigure parts for one to assemble any creation he or she so desired to make, for the right price, of course.

At the front of the cash register, there was a variety of keychains on sale, generally going for $5. Ones of lesser popularity were sold at cheaper prices, including a Bossk keychain, for less than $2.

I knew Bossk to be an associate of Boba Fett, being a rival and on occasions a partner to his fellow bounty hunter.

For some strange reason, I felt pity for the fictional character that his importance in the Star Wars universe would go unnoticed, and at the end, I purchased one.

It was not a regrettable decision. Despite the fact that I have no use for a key chain other than the one attached to my wallet, it now sits on top of my desk, plotting a way to finally best his rival in crime. Overall, the experience was an interesting way to start the weekend.

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